Employment Preparation

One of the main outcomes we SUPPORT for our students is competitive and integrated employment.

We prepare our students for this reality through a variety of experiences during their two years in college.

A highlight of our program is the opportunity for our students to participate in multiple work internships, both on-campus and in the surrounding community.

Science and Research Labs

smiling female student loading chemicals into test tubes

Local Businesses

male student is filling popcorn bags with popcorn at movie theater

Arts and Education

female student teaching art to middle schoolers


male student taking merchandise inventory at McKale Center bookstore

Food Services

female student smiling as she dips strawberries in cholocate in a bakery

Office and Clerical

female student using a magnifier as she sorts mail into boxes


male student entering accounting data into computer software program


male student shelving books in university library


female student interning as a athletic manager for girl beach volleyball

Throughout their years in our program students also build an impressive background of work experience and skills, which is showcased in their professional portfolio.

Cover Sheet

the cover sheet of the student professional portfolio including their name and UArizona branding images

Table of Contents

a list of the table of contents

Student Resume Example

sample of student resume with education, experience and skills listed

Our students also receive support in thinking, discussing and writing about their pre-employment experiences in order to best prepare them for successfully applying to and going on interviews for competitive employment.

Professional Emailing

student email including details about their classes and a social event they attended

Employment-Related Vocabulary

vocabulary log with terms career, apply, application and resume


blog post researching the job tasks and qualifications for being a emergency medicine technician

Please enjoy the following video highlighting how hard our students work at their internship sites while gaining valuable experience and skills, but still having fun!