Students in our inclusive program attend UArizona classes across campus with their peer mentors. 

our certified staff contributes to their academic success through adapted materials, personalized assessments, direct coaching and (when necessary) behavioral supports.

Using the Printing Kiosk in the studet union

male student using printing kiosk on campus

Working Collaboratively in a museums class

two female students looking at fashion design books in class

Listening Attentively to the professor in a science class

female student at desk in class

Designing and Creating Personalized Fashion during class

two students using sewing machine during design class

Following Along during professor's lecture

student view while watching lecture and following along on laptop

Presenting with Group Member during class

two male students presenting in front of class

One of the hallmarks of our program is the exploration and use of a variety of technologies to improve access, enhance learning and increase independence.

using AAC device (talker) to communicate

male student using AAC device with female peer mentor support

using online classroom resources while studying

female student writing in notebook while using tablet propped up on table

typing up a digital resume on laptop

female student typing on laptop in office

practicing digital presentation with teacher

male student using tablet with female teacher support

reconfiguring a set of iPads for the College of Education

male student grabbing one iPad from a stack of tablets

entering data into digital accounting software

male student reaching for post-it note on desk next to computer

Students are responsible for building and following their weekly schedules demonstrating how to be organized, reliable and responsible in their adult lives.

entering weekly schedule into calendar

male student entering events into his Google calendar

double checking visual schedule

male student in front of computer screen looking at digital schedule on his tablet on desk

looking up what's next on the schedule

male student looking at digital schedule on tablet with female peer mentor

Please enjoy the following video highlighting the academic work of our brilliant students and their fabulous peer mentors!!