Upon completion of the two year program with Project FOCUS, students will receive a Certificate in Service Learning. In order to fulfill the requirements for this certificate, students are required to complete a minimum of 25 credits that include the following:

  • completion of SERP 197 (3 credits)
  • completion of a minimum of 15 additional academic credits
  • completion of a minimum of 7 internship credits

The majority of academic credits will be received through an audit process. Within the audit, students will complete all assignments, quizzes and exams required in each course.

All students will be assigned a peer mentor for each class. The peer mentor attends classes, supports content acquisition, supports implementation of adaptations, and assists in studying and the completion of assignments.

The academic component of Project FOCUS is directed by a lead instructor who is Arizona certified in special education. 

Service Learning

Students in Project FOCUS complete their 2 year program with a Certificate in Service Learning. To receive a Certificate in Service Learning, students are required to complete the course, SERP 197b: Introduction to Service Learning and Meaningful Contributions to the Community. Through this course, students will engage in a minimum of 20 hours of service with a community partner of their choosing.  Students will have the opportunity to integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection in order to enrich their learning experience and strengthen our community. 

Community partners have included Living Streets AllianceBICASThe Lapan College ClubThe Abbie SchoolThe Primavera FoundationTucson Village Farm and others.