Campus Life

Campus life includes all the things that happen outside of the academic realm of a student's university experience.  Campus life is a key element towards a student’s social and emotional development and leads to increases in independence and self-determination.

Students can attend in a wide variety of activities and events on campus such as sporting events with ZonaZoo, concerts at Centennial hall, club activities, cooking classes, campus museums, and Spring Fling. Students might grab a cup of coffee with a peer mentor or friend at Starbucks, rally for our teams at Bear Down Friday, hang out with friends at the turtle pond, roast marshmallows at campus bonfires, interview and learn about employers during Career Days, see a movie at Gallagher Theater, or attended religious services on campus.

Campus life activities are based on individual student’s interests. With support and encouragement, each student chooses activities they would like to attend and whether they would like peer mentor support during the activity. Many, but not all, of the events on campus are free. Activities and events can happen during the school day or on nights and weekends.

Project FOCUS students document their campus life activities by posting stories, photos and videos to their personal blogs.

Campus life activities are directed by a lead instructor who is Arizona certified in special education.